Friday, 22 February 2013



 Being lost in thoughts can be a really bad thing, especially when you do it at the wrongest of times. It could also leave you depressed because most times you end up opening old wounds. Thinking can also be good, depending on what you are thinking of. If its something productive, that's awesome, or maybe you just want a replay of an exciting event you experienced or witnessed, or maybe a recap of your life, day, week or month so far. Most times we don't plan to be lost in thoughts, it just happens and we realize only when we have already fallen deep into it. I experienced deep thought today, i do everyday but this one stood out for a reason.

I was sitting in my office, almost done with work but I was awfully tired; its 3:18am and thank heavens what I was working on was very close to completion, I just couldn’t wait to finally introduce my upper lashes to the lower one. In other not to mess up all the work I’ve done, I decided to rest my head for a bit before I continued, but then I got lost in thoughts, surfing through the memories of my life experiences(not all bad though, some made me smile), time with friends-remembering the things I loved to do with them, realizing how long it has been since I last saw a person or two and why I haven’t done something as fun as that in ages and comparing then to now, analyzing how things have changed, how we have all changed. And then a quick flash back to the times I spent alone, the fun stuffs I did during my lone time, like painting, dancing, creating one thing or the other, jewelry making, drafting out plans, writing…then I paused, and I said it again in my head, “writing” whatever happened to my writing passion? Why and when did I stop, I have gone so long without doing it that I had almost forgotten that I could write; and at that moment I said to myself, why not write something here and now….. Yea now! Then I snapped out of my thoughts and rushed through my unfinished office work and quickly opened up a blank Microsoft word sheet, and then…it happened…I was completely blank, my thoughts and creativity to write were all gone,or so i head, my mind was as blank as the sheet before me…no, even the sheets had words and drawings above and around it, but I, I had……nothing!

I almost broke down in tears, sitting in my chair and staring right at the screen of my computer, I thought to myself, "I have lost it". As I moved my mouse to close the page, it suddenly hit me, a gift doesn’t just up and leave like that, it may be a little rusty, but it’s still there somewhere. Then I placed my fingers on the keyboard and the words began to pour, it was like I was reading it off a screen someplace else and retyping it onto mine. I wrote about so many things. I always like to write about myself, the things I have experienced and the thing that I am still experiencing or seeing around me or anything at all anyway. So I wrote, on and on I went -different articles, different poems; and the ideas just kept on flowing and my fingers kept on typing and the words kept on pouring.
I wrote several poems that faithful Friday, in the early hours of the morning, I also wrote some articles as well, I wrote about life, my life – a part of it though, then about twitter…hehehe, then about love, about family and then I also wrote this one, which is a recap of a sleepless night well spent. I do not know where the energy came from but I guess that’s what happens when you are doing what you love especially when you are good at it. i never realized how much i had missed writing, until my fingers touched the keyboard and started to move; forming up stories, real stories coming from me. So i say to you now, whatever positive thing you had passion for that you stopped for one reason or the other or for one person who turned out not to be worth it (besides, anyone who is irritated by your gift and wants you to stop it is not worth it in the first place and shouldn’t remain around you) you can still go back to it, refresh your memory on it and restart, its still in you, it never left. You will be rusty but at least you are back doing what you love (as long as it positive and legal sha)

So that's just about it, my little night adventure that begun with me simply being lost in thoughts. But then if I end this now, you may say, “is that it?” well yeah, that’s it, what else do you think plays in my head anyways. I guess my thoughts didn’t wonder into the juicy stuffs about me this night but there’s always a next time…trust me, I hardly sleep so I will be lost in thoughts again, and who knows, maybe this time I’ll catch something nice to write about, maybe the person I’m crushing on, or the person I’m in love with or the last person I killed (ok, just kidding…lol). In any case, know that I will be writing more and I hope you’ll like them.

Friday, 14 September 2012


I say I love you
And you stand and stare
You showed me you didn’t feel same
This was worse to bear
I threw the love away
I didn’t mind the sway
I locked it up in a bottle
And put it safely in
So I could sometimes shuttle
And wonder deep within
And then you came again
Like you want to lay claim
On that which u thought was lame
But could fetch you some little gain
The thought of the past lingered
Oh how I wish it could take control
And hold me not quiver
In the arms of this sweet asshole
I gave my condition
I gave room for consideration
There was a choice to make
And hoped there would be meditation
A choice to break the bottle
Or keep it sailing still
A choice that would deliver
Or murder the locked up deal
It wasn’t hard to know
What your choice would be
Cos it’s easier to be your hoe
Than to be your only beat
I gave in as you wished
I tore down the wall
After it all
I thought I had won
I thought it ended the war
That I could no longer go sore
But alas I now feel
What I once felt before
All was not in my favor
As the bottle remained as it was
Not even a crack to settle battle’s score
How doomed I am
To harbor this lonely fall

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

i am so sorry for not updating this blog for a long time now, it is due to matters beyond my control...from this moment on i will try ma immediate best not to commit this kind of misconduct

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Na wa oh...ladies stop looking at the pic and read the man is hawt sha.....the point is david beckham,my soccer boy friend (stop hating, go and find your own) is a year older as today is his birthday....he has already called me to fly down for the celebration...tehehehehehehe.....i too dey wash myself sha....


happy birthday to you :*


                                   CAN YOU SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING?

yay!!! its ma sweety's birthday today...yea i said sweety...dont beef me, its not my fault that he chose me....#nawash....lmao

EXCLUSIVE: I didn't scatter Mo'Hits- Don Jazzy


In the last few weeks, the world has seen the end of an era – the Mo’Hits era, but not without a full dose of drama – more drama than in those recycled South-American soap operas.
Drama backed with claims, counter claims, responses, counter responses, exclusive interviews, exposing facts and leaked E-mails. And if you think the drama is over, you are hereby advised to grab a bowl of popcorn, snuggle up in your couch and keep watching, because from the looks of it, this isn’t ending soon.
If you’ve followed the Mo’Hits brouhaha – a la the ‘D’banj VS Don Jazzy messy fight’, you’ve either been entertained, amused or downright irritated. Nevertheless, the drama continues with both parties still not letting their guards down…
It’s been the same old story for most persons with the title ‘Don’ in the mafia movies – unparalleled rise to success, years of reign and respect but then an ultimate crash. Name it – Godfather, Goodfellas, Scarface, Casino, Frank Lucas….it’s all the same. Is this the same fate of our beloved Don Jazzy?
Don Jazzy was hardly the fan favourite back then; sure, he was respected, but he wasn’t the one the fans clung to. He barely spoke, letting D’banj do all the talking (and gesticulating). Don Jazzy grew the persona of a real mafia don – you know, like the ones in Sicily that head the cartel, always feared and respected, known to bless careers with hits (songs) upon hits.
But when more and more money rolled in, D’banj somewhat alienated himself from the fans and media, leaving the ‘Don’ to take care of the multitude of fans. The once ‘shy guy’ became very vocal on micro-blogging site Twitter, often giving out airtime recharge cards, iPads and more gifts, even organizing an online music competition which trended on social networks for weeks.
Don Jazzy engaged the fans, positioned himself as an accessible celeb, and a media darling. He even went as far as granting radio and TV interviews, responding to E-mails, covering magazines and delivering acceptance speeches at award shows. Don Jazzy became more accessible; the one everybody could call on and be assured of prompt response. When the heat came upon both men during the ‘Occupy Nigeria’ period, Don Jazzy once again cried out to his people, dissociating himself from D’banj, who received brutal tongue lashings from Nigerians home and abroad for seemingly evading the issue.
But last week, the Don’s credibility was tested; his mystique torn apart, when D’banj, in an elaborate interview with NET, accused his former label partner of betraying him, leaving many of the producer’s loyal fans startled, and perhaps revising where they should stand in the whole matter.
‘He said to me in July last year ‘Let’s scatter Mohits. He told me there are two captains – two captains cannot be in a ship. I was like ‘that’s not possible, this is a marriage‘, D’banj said in the interview, among other revealing things.
If it’s anything to go by, in just a few days, the article received over 70,000 views on NET’s website, with over 380 comments – most of them in support of D’banj. A surprising twist of events, one might say…
‘I have lost all the respect I had for Don Jazzy. Just because you are a good producer doesn’t make you better than D’banj! D’banj fan for life!!!!!!!‘, Shade commented.
‘Following your destiny is not the main thing, but are you sure you are following it in the right path? D’banj, beware of those guys‘, Ifedayo also commented.
‘This was a well conducted interview, honestly thumbs up to the reporter. D’banj God bless you hustle, Don Jazzy…shame on you! I don’t even need to hear any sides again, I  could feel the honesty in this interview’, another comment read.
Thousands of fans across different blogs and social media are now praying for D’banj, hailing him as a saviour of sorts for the local music industry. Many are still asking valid questions about the break up; and of course, there are loads of Don Jazzy loyalists who remain steadfast.
So are D’banj’s fans back with him because the entertainer broke down his side of the story by opening up on the matter? Or is it because he’s gaining buzz in the UK and he seems to be flying the African flag proud, while Don Jazzy seems to be on a never-ending hiatus?
The questions are endless. Media analysts have exhausted their theories and everyone is waiting with bated breath to see how the saga will unfold.
A few days after the interview, former friend and music partner Abdul Rasheed Bello better known as JJC (Skillz) chastised D’banj after the latter stated that JJC cheated Don Jazzy. It got all messy again as JJC who sheltered the likes of Jazzy, D’banj, Kween and the 419 Squad under his Backbone Music label, opened another can of worms, claiming that the Koko Master (whom he described as the group’s jester) never really wrote his songs, and at a point, was wanted by the UK Police for credit card theft.
While JJC felt bitter and hurt, spilling the beans to Nigezie in a video interview, little did he know that the whole drama would end up on one of the US biggest hip-hop websites The website soon published a flimsy article titled ‘G.O.O.D Music Artists D’banj and Don Jazzy At Odds With Each Other; D’banj Accused Of Credit Card Fraud!‘. More drama…
Ever since the famous interview, Jazzy has kept mute, refusing to grant interviews, and tweeting only thrice since then. But now the silence has been broken, albeit briefly, and the Don has spoken…
In a very short but exclusive interview via Blackberry Messenger on April 22, Don Jazzy answers some very important questions and leaves many unanswered.
Did you leak the Mo’hits email?
Did you ask D’banj that you want to ‘scatter’ Mo’hits?
Have you signed any document relinquishing your shares in Koko holding, and giving D’banj his catalogue?
When was the last time you saw D’banj?
Not quite long
Will you still produce music for him, if he asks or not?
Why did you have to get a new apartment?
Was D’banj ever told about the concluding part of the Samsung deal?
Why  all these questions?
Bros, it’s a tough interview but it’s what our readers (and your fans) want to know.
Okay. Have you been producing music during the last few months? And who have you been working with in the studio?
Dr SID and Wande Coal have continually shown their love and bond for you over everyone else; how do you feel about their respect for you?
I respect them also cos they are like my brothers
Will you start a fresh label in the nearest future or stick with the name Mo’Hits?
The producer vehemently refused to have a sit down with us, despite repeated requests (his response to an interview request via email: ‘I’m so sorry but I am definitely not open for interviews for now. Doubt I would be ready for one anytime soon too. Pls I would appreciate if you can understand..).
Those close to him say he’s ‘not really interested in saying anything’. One associate told us last week that the producer has been busy working, and may be blessing fans with new songs soon.
But the industry is getting tired of the drama. Not only tired – many are hoping the estranged friends (and the camps around them) will actually settle their differences and come back together.
Long-time D’Banj and Don Jazzy associate Weird MC‘s submission captures it all : ‘I still have hope that they will kiss and make up. I strongly feel that way‘, she told us in an interview last Wednesday.
It is possible.


The Nollywood Movies Awards 2012 Nominees party willtake place on Saturday, 5th of May 2012 at the prestigious Oriental Hotel. The star studded event will include all the nominated actors, producers and cast members of the nominated movies. The Red Carpet will start at 5PM and should not be missed. 
The main Awards will be on the 2nd of June 2012 at the Civic Centre, Lagos.

Beyonce's Diet Secrets Revealed:

Beyonce has just been crowned 'the most beautiful woman in the world' and it's not hard to see why, especially as the new mother has bounced back into shape following the birth of her baby Blue Ivy in January.
The 30-year-old recently said that she doesn't have time to work out twice a day, but her trainer Marco Borges has revealed how Beyonce managed to get back beach-ready just a few months after welcoming her baby girl.
Beyonce might not be killing herself twice a day by working up a sweat, but she is working out five times a week, according to her trainer, who said, “we do cardio and plyometric moves like lunges and jumps on and off a bench.”
The 'Single Ladies' star also uses kettle bells to start strengthening and toning her body, and she recently admitted that she's "softer" now she's had a baby.
It's also about food, and as Beyonce breastfed Blue Ivy for 10 weeks, she avoided processed foods and tried to stick to vegetables and grilled meat.
"You don't have to eat only celery sticks," Marco told People. “Be sensible and exercise consistently.”
In her interview, the 30-year-old said one of the most outrageous pregnancy rumours would be “that I work out twice a day. Absolutely not: I’m a new mother; I don’t have time for that. And no, I don’t have a trainer living with me.”
Beyonce has certainly done well to get herself back in shape, although she was hardly a beached whale. She was glowing throughout her pregnancy and we're happy to see her curves springing back nicely.
Cute Couple Alert: Beyonce and Jay-Z Step Out...

Actress Yvonne Okoro goes bare

Yvonne Okoro is usually perceived to be a very quiet and reserved actress back in Ghana where she is based by her admirers. But this was not the case last Sunday when she came out of her shells to show the other side of her life.
Like a lioness, the “4Play” actress  stormed the just concluded 8th edition of African Movie Academy Awards
Yvonne Okoro
(AMAA),showing the world that she is not only sexy and hot as any other celebrity, but  that, she has got it and need to flaunt it.
Well endowed with heavy ‘milk bags’, Yvonne was the cynosure of attraction as she shocked everybody on the red carpet when she stepped out in a black straight open-chest  gown giving a full cleavage view.
She decided  to let her  bare chest do all the talking and attention grabbing…Yvonne was one of the nominees for the top award for ‘Best Actress In Leading Role’ with the movie ‘Single Six’ alongside Nigerian actresses Nse Ikpe Etim, Rita Dominic, Uche Jombo, Millicent Makheido, Kudzai Sevenzo-Nyarai and her Ghanaian colleague Ama K. Abebrese in the same category.
Despite the fact that she did not win the award, Yvonne’s ravishing outlook endeared her to many people who crowned her as the queen of the night.
The actress who holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and Linguistics from the University of Ghana, Legon, started her acting career in 2002, with the movie ‘Sticking to the Promise’, produced by Theo Akatugba.

my yvonne is really a hot chick....*wink*

Actor Martin Lawrence files for divorce

American writer, producer and comedian Martin Lawrence has filed a divorce with his wife Shamicka due to ‘irreconcilable differences.’
The ‘Big Momma’s House‘ producer submitted the documents in Los Angeles County Superior court in April 25, 2012, a day after they announced their separation.

Martin and his wife got married on July 10, 2010 in their Beverly Hills home, but were together for 15 years prior to the marriage.
Martin and Shamicka have two children; 11 year old Iyanna, and 9-year-old Amara Trinity.
According to, Martin wants joint physical and legal custody of the kids.
According to Lawrence’s representative, ‘Martin and Shamicka Lawrence have decided to divorce. The couple has made the joint decision to part ways‘.
They released a joint statement, saying: ‘Out of love and respect for one another, we will continue to remain friends and raise our two beautiful daughters together.’
The screen star recently completed a nationwide sold-out comedy tour and a comedy pilot for the CBS Network.

na wa o